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Engayge Updates


October 20, 2022


We will have some exciting new visual/functional updates to Engayge, which will incorporate some of the more typical "social networking" aspects/features that we are all used to. Be on the lookout for some teasers!


August 25, 2022


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July 14, 2022


As promised in our latest update video (here) are some ideas of things you can answer in your "about me" section of your profile to help you make some friends! Feel free to copy and paste or use whichever questions you like!


  1. What are your pronouns?
  2. What's your Zodiac Sign?:
  3. What kind of music do you like?:
  4. Do you play any instruments or sing?
  5. When are you usually available to do things with friends? (week days, weekends, night, day)
  6. Do you have pets? (Do they go everywhere with you? Do they like other animals? Do they like other people?)
  7. Do you have kids? (How old are they? Are you looking for kid-friendly events/playdates/meetups):
  8. Are you part of the 420 club?
  9. Are you looking for Sober only friends?
  10. What kind of things do you like to do for fun?
  11. Do you like to travel? (Where? With who? with kids? Local and/or anywhere?)
  12. Do you prefer to text, talk on the phone, email, or chat on Engayge?
  13. Are you an everyday text/chat friend or a hang out once a month friend?
  14. Are you looking for friends of a certain age range?
  15. Do you prefer friends who are single, in a relationship, or doesn't matter to you?
  16. How far away are you willing to travel to do things with friends?
  17. Do you have any nicknames?
  18. What does a good friend mean to you?
  19. Where is your favorite way to watch a movie? (On the couch at home, in the theater, on the projector screen in the backyard with a fire, or I don't care for movies):
  20. What's an ideal Friday night activity with friends? (game night with some drinks, a sit-down dinner at a nice restaurant, axe-throwing or an escape room, sitting around a fire, playdate with the kids, etc)




Engayge Academy

We currently have several how-to videos available on our YouTube Channel:

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Engayge Update Videos

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Please reach out to us at:

We appreciate any feedback and ideas that you can offer! Together we will make this platform the best it can be!